Our Alpha Oak

By Women in Recovery

Alpha Oaks-Cornerstone-Carmichael, CA

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 Our Facilities:

We run our programs in three different facilities, all in Carmichael, CA. Alpha Oaks is our largest property.

It contains 18 beds for residents and 5 beds for detox services. It is also where our main offices are located. Cornerstone contains 11 beds for residents.


Alpha Oaks!






















































Alpha Oaks

Opened in October 1977, this property provides 18 beds for women in our recovery program. In addition, in September 1985, the 5 bed detox program was started. These beds are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our main office is also located here.



This 11 bed facility was opened in May 2000. It provides all the residential treatment options available at Alpha Oaks.