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By Women in Recovery

Alpha Oaks-Cornerstone-Carmichael, CA

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How We Work

A telephone screening or interview may be all that is necessary. Some clients may need an assessment for services provided by Sacramento County Alcohol and Drug Services Division.

Our program is open to women over the age of 18. We do not discriminate in the delivery of service due to race, religion, ethnicity, sexual preference, disability or ability to pay.

Withdrawal from alcohol or drugs may be accompanied by severe and sometimes dangerous physical symptoms. In such cases, it is important to monitor the withdrawal and provide support services, sometimes medical, until the withdrawal process subsides. Potential residents may be asked to obtain a medical clearance based upon the phone interview. Our licensed Detox center can accommodate five women. It is under 24-hour supervision by our specialist staff who are trained in dealing with the detox process and have immediate access to emergency medical assistance when necessary.

Residents receive both group and individual counseling sessions. Residents are encouraged and assisted in planning their own recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction.

Counseling includes in-depth education on the physical, psychological, social and spiritual effects of alcoholism and chemical dependency.

Residents attend community AA/NA meetings.

We believe meaningful sober living involves solid day-by-day living routines. Our residents do their own laundry, keep the facility clean, take turns preparing healthful meals, share them and clean up afterward.

Virtually all the day-to-day needs of the residents are met. These include nutritious meals, laundry facilities, planned activities and leisure time on Saturday & Sunday.

Our program is designed to create an environment whereby residents can discover intrinsic new life choices.

We believe that alcoholism is a disease and that the only recovery possible is through sustained abstinence from alcohol and other mind altering drugs. We also believe that Alcoholics Anonymous is the most effective program for helping alcoholics stay sober.

We believe that the alcoholic woman can change her lifestyle by exposure to the AA program in a safe, calm, protected, drug-free environment, where she can interact with peers and learn through expeiencing sobriety. We encourage our women to become involved in 12 Step progams both while in residence and afterward.



Our Alumni
Many of our Alumni maintain active contact with us after treatment and often assist residents who are entering recovery outside our program

Our Guild

Our Guild is comprised of people from the community who actively support our events and ongoing programs.


Our residents celebrate all major holiday events. In addition, staff and residents organize fund-raising events and off-site outings.